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Whilst our principal adviser has been advising clients as a solicitor during the bulk of the last 16 years in London, he has stepped back from being a solicitor. Similarly, Lexham Legal is not a solicitor's practice and so it is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. So when we were asked, "Why not?" we went back a stage and ask, "Why (be regulated)?" In our experience, whilst professional regulation can have a role to play, it may be perhaps a more modest role than it claims. Despite great intentions, our experience is that it sets the bar too low. It cannot demand or inspire first class work, which is what clients are looking for. So rather than look to a regulatory stamp of approval, Lexham Legal has preferred to stand on its own credentials by delivering quality. We are only as good as our last clients think we are, so we expect to give them something first class.

Our main adviser has built up and managed his own Fleet Street legal practise, and is now building up Lexham Legal as a new model. He understands the pressures of growing a small business as well as being innovative. This keeps the firm very much in the real world, with the client, and clients expect Lexham Legal to talk about the solutions, not just the problems.

...for a different world...

It seems we are not the only ones thinking this way. In the biggest liberalisation for very many generations, the legal services marketplace has been opened up to the government to non-solicitors. Companies looking for advice in this new choice-driven marketplace are following suit, demanding greater specialisation and flexibility. This is why a less regulated, more entrepreneurial specialist such as Lexham Legal is well placed to work closely alongside those businesses, whether coming on board to achieve more 'risk mitigation' or 'value enhancement/capital release' outcomes. look out for the odd difference.

It might look to clients like there is no real difference whether we practice as solicitors or not. After all, in the past we have trained and practiced for many years as solicitors, in the present we negotiate with solicitors on the same sorts of legal matters, we keep up with the latest professional know-how and training  and we commit ourselves to the core principles of solicitors' conduct. We even carry the same level of professional indemnity insurance as solicitors are required by regulation to carry, and any complaint by a client would be adjudicated by the same external body.

However we think clients will notice the odd difference. Firstly, we cant rely on any type of professional approval as such - we are only as good as what a client says about our last job. And that more than anything else keeps us delivering top solutions for the client! Also, we dont need to pay regulatory fees and we buy our insurance and other back office services on a more open market than that available to solicitors. This means we can be much more competitive on fees, as we try to pass that value on to our clients. Thirdly, because we are not looking over our shoulder at the mountain of regulation (our last handbook of solicitors' rules and guidance stood at 936 pages!), we have worked out what actually helps, and doesnt hinder, us from working well for you. We have then just made that our one-page terms of business. So as regulatory bodies (a bit like governments) tend to just grow and grow, we don’t need to worry about death by regulation. We can just get on without distraction in providing you with a first class service.


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  • Documenting your new business ventures and investments
  • Working through delicate shareholder/boardroom situations
  • Getting your small-print right
  • Motivating your key players by sharing in growth
  • Buying and selling owner-managed businesses
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