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We want to keep our relationships with clients simple and clear.

Our work is always governed by a single-page standard terms of business, accompanied by a letter summarising the specifics of the agreed work, such as clarifying the work we are not undertaking as well as what we are undertaking.

Should you have any concerns about our standard terms please let us know.


We know there is  a temptation for legal advisers to charge fees based on for example the complexity of a document, or the value of a deal, or the urgency of the advice, even if they have dealt with a similar situation many times before. We would suggest that in some cases they may be charging over the odds; in other words the time they take to provide the service and the relative exposure it brings to their firm may not justify the price charged. The biggest danger in this scenario is that a company may simply not take advice because of the perceived unfairness of what you get for your money or due to a fear that costs might spiral out of control.

In order to try to address this concern, we attach a matrix of our steps towards fixed price fees. There are limitations to the matrix. First, we have found we can only apply it to certain of our services. Second, we have found it works better alongside an actual discussion clarifying if the client needs what it might think it needs. However, we believe it represents an important step for two reasons. Firstly for potential clients, it allows them to provisionally factor likely legal costs into a larger cost-benefit framework. Secondly for Lexham Legal, it is a good longer-term strategy for us to be as transparent as possible. It means the client, which is normally fairly disempowered in this situation, can more confidently hold us accountable on costs.

The matrix lists documents at various "levels" of complexity, ranging from 1 up to 6. The potential client is invited to call us to discuss its requirements, and to co-operate in a best possible attempt to estimate the complexity of the work. A higher level of complexity means that we expect to spend more time on the work.

In finding new and transparent ways of working with clients, we do not wish to compromise the quality of service. A legal document or legal advice, by its nature, can involve a great deal of time and thought due to a client's personal circumstances and needs. In fact it often involves more time and thought than clients appreciate. For example, sometimes the client comes to us wanting a certain result but actually it will benefit much more with a different result! In these types of circumstances, we need to take great care before we make a commitment on fees. W e do need to retain the right to discuss your matter fully before we offer a fixed fee based on the above, and in certain circumstances we may refuse to act on this basis.

Overall we hope you will find our approach to fees to be refreshing and straightforward, in a market which has often struggled to be clear with clients. Please revert to us should you have any queries. 

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"Thanks for your advice as I have never been in this position before but was so relieved reading through what you helped us with a few months back as it is very clearly written document and helpful..."

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"...thank you...for your excellent advice which helped protect the business and my personal interests, I certainly couldn't have done it without you"

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